Up Coming Workshops

Embodying • Presence

Friday November 11th 7pm-8:30pm Free

Saturday 12th 10 am -5:30pm

Sunday 13th 10 am – 5:30 pm

$300 suggested donation

Facilitated by Ryan McGladrey an osteopath and somatic coach with over 25 years of dedicated practice in the art of generative listening in service of healing and growth.

An increasing number of therapies and approaches to change are recognizing that when we work with a person we are not just working with a solitary entity but with a dynamic, interdependent network of motivations and relationships. A system. Many of these modalities assert that the role of the practitioner is not to repair or even teach the client as has been the stance of conventional Euro-American therapeutic culture. Rather, contributing with skilled attunement the resources of their own self-regulation, compassion, and presence to the intelligence of the client’s always-learning nervous system is the practitioner’s most powerful intervention. Developing this ability to a level of professional excellence can be the work of a lifetime.   

This weekend training will be a setting to deepen your capacity for embodying transformative care and presence with minimal effort. Because the weekend’s emphasis is on enactment rather than theory, it can be equally beneficial for long time practitioners and those just beginning their therapeutic careers. This style of body learning is complimentary to the frameworks of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing and most others that make use of a relational/systems perspective applied to human restoration and flourishing.