Halie Devlin, BS

Somatic Integration Coach 

Halie Devlin is a somatic integration coach, a recovery coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and the founder of Embodied Recovery Community.

Her work began to emerge in 2015 when she got sober and realized that after a lifetime of numbing, disconnecting, and running from life, she actually needed to learn how to be in conscious relationship with life if she hoped to stay sober. She dove heart-first into healing practices, personal development, and years of training/study that center around somatics and trauma-informed care. Because life is experienced through the body, she believes wholeheartedly that embodiment is a vital part of the way forward in creating a more just and equitable world for all.

Through a biopsychosocial lens, Halie utilizes a variety of holistic and body-centered approaches to transformation to support her clients in learning how to embody their vision and values as they navigate life’s challenges and changes. She has been facilitating individual and group work for folks recovering from alcohol/substance abuse and trauma in a variety of settings since 2016, including nonprofits, wellness centers, residential and outpatient treatment centers, and through her own private practice and online business.

She blends her experience as a coach, organizer, movement facilitator, trauma educator, spiritual practitioner, and community builder, to create intentional spaces to explore what it means to recover as individuals and as a collective. She is committed to helping people and communities generate the conditions to tap into our innate capacity to grow and thrive. 

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