Caroline Wolf, PC-A

Caroline’s expertise stems from years of working with children, adolescents, families, and adults, with a background in wilderness therapy, school counseling, and residential treatment settings. Caroline focuses on insight at the intersection of emotional, somatic, cognitive, and spiritual experiences. Her approach is relational and experiential, drawing from the wisdom of attachment theory, relational-cultural therapy, Internal Family Systems, and brainspotting. She is particularly called to foster healing in individuals with developmental, generational, or relational trauma. Caroline adopts a multicultural approach that recognizes and explores the extensive influence that our identities and social contexts have on our lives. She incorporates nature- and play-based interventions into her practice, believing in the profound impact of the natural world on our collective well-being. With a person-centered and open-hearted approach, Caroline is dedicated to facilitating growth and transformation in her clients, supporting them towards healing and self-discovery.