Embarking on a Psychedelic Journey:

Hey there, fellow seekers of knowledge and healing!

I recently stumbled upon an extraordinary opportunity that I believe aligns perfectly with our shared passion for understanding the depths of the human psyche and the power of holistic healing practices. Picture this: a week-long immersive experience diving into the world of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and medicine. Intrigued? Well, let me share the details of this enlightening adventure.

The Live Summit Clinical Track for Mental Health & Medical Professionals

From October 11 to 15, 2023, a group of esteemed experts will gather online for a Live Summit Clinical Track. This unique event offers a rare chance to connect with pioneers in the field of psychedelic therapy. Imagine spending five days interacting with professionals like Richard Schwartz PhD, Gita Vaid MD, Michael Mithoefer MD, Annie Mithoefer BSN, Ronald Siegel PsyD, Mendel Kaelen PhD, Michael Stone MBA, and the incredible Summit Host Fleet Maull, PhD.

What to Expect

Throughout the week, these experts will guide participants through a series of interactive sessions, exploring various facets of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy:

Accelerating Psychodynamic Treatment: Delve into the world of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with Gital Vaid MD & Ron Siegel PsyD.

Integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS): Learn how to embrace all parts of the self in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy with Dick Schartz PhD & Ron Siegel PsyD.

Love Heals: Explore the transformative potential of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy with Michael Mithoefer MD, Annie Mithoefer BSN & Ron Siegel PsyD.

The Healing Power of Music: Discover the therapeutic effects of music in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy with Mendel Kaelen, PhD & Fleet Maull, PhD.

Breathwork and Expanded States: Experience NeuroDynamic Breathwork with Michael Stone, MBA and Fleet Maull, PhD.

A Unique Learning Experience

What sets this event apart is its focus on shared knowledge and collaborative learning. It’s not about selling products or services; it’s about expanding our understanding of the human mind, collective healing, and personal transformation. These sessions offer a safe space for professionals to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and explore the possibilities of psychedelic therapy.

So, mark your calendars for this transformative week of learning and growth. If you can’t attend the live sessions, don’t worry! Recordings will be available, ensuring that you can catch up at your own pace.

Let’s embark on this psychedelic journey together, embracing the wisdom of experts and the power of collective knowledge. Stay curious, stay open-minded, and let’s explore the depths of the human experience in the spirit of learning and healing.

Until then, keep exploring, keep learning, and keep healing.

Warm regards,

Tim Moore

Director & Co-founder, Broken Top Counseling