Open Men’s Group-Mondays 6 pm

Joining our men’s community group is an opportunity for profound personal growth and genuine connection. In our circle, we gather to support one another, fostering insight and positive change in our lives. Our sessions are transformative experiences where we engage in meditation, open sharing, and various exercises, deepening our understanding of ourselves and strengthening our bonds.

What sets our space apart is its unwavering commitment to security and inclusivity. Here, you can express yourself without pressure, knowing that you’re in an environment that encourages authenticity. We’re here to help you heal wounds, navigate life challenges like job loss or relationship transitions, and overcome harmful habits. You don’t have to face these struggles alone; our community is here to stand with you, offering genuine camaraderie and meaningful conversations.

Our group is a diverse tapestry of men at different life stages. Some of us are in the midst of significant changes, while others are battling destructive habits. Many join us seeking not just friendship, but a supportive brotherhood where they can express their true selves. Together, we create a practice ground where commitment ensures a safe environment for everyone involved. If you’re on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal development, consider this your invitation to join us. Here, you’ll find more than just a community; you’ll find a family where authenticity and growth flourish.

Meet the facilitators:

Jared Anderson BA

NARM Coach and Rite Guide

Jared has worked in the healing profession for over 18 years as a case manager, wilderness therapy guide, life coach, youth mentor, mindfulness teacher, group facilitator and guide of initiatory rites of passage.  He is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach, and a trained vision fast guide from the School of Lost Borders.  He completed the 3 year long Timeless Wisdom Training with Thomas Huebl and is currently completing his Therapist Training in the emerging trauma-informed healing modality, NARM. 

Over years of learning from many teachers, mentors and healers Jared found a process of healing and deep nature connection, self made ritual and connection with community.  Believing in each person’s need to follow the path of their own unfolding energy, He aids people in developing lasting practices and structures for soulful expression and deep healing.

Matt Lauziere MS, LPCa, LMT

From my earliest memories, my fascination with the intricacies of human connection, healing, and the complexity of the mind has guided my journey. I’ve delved into a myriad of resources, from books to teachings, seeking tools to guide people from darkness to a life of peace and vitality.

 My professional odyssey commenced in 2013, leading me to a career in massage therapy, where I explored the profound link between mind and body.In 2019, my pursuit of holistic healing led me to graduate school for clinical mental health counseling. Here, I merged my body knowledge with an in-depth study of the mind and heart. My internship in an addiction treatment program highlighted the significance of social support and coping strategies in trauma and addiction recovery. This focus eventually led me to a profound passion for men’s work, where I delve into the complexities of masculinity and its intersections with mental health and healing.

My approach emphasizes clarity and groundedness, cultivated through practices like yoga, qigong, and meditation. These practices not only enrich my own life but also become tools I share with my clients, enhancing our sessions with mindfulness and somatic experiencing. At Broken Top Counseling, I foster trust through deep listening and unconditional positive regard. My passion lies in unraveling the roots of my clients’ struggles, guiding them toward self-awareness, and helping them reclaim lost parts, restoring wholeness and hope to their lives.

Please join us for a complimentary session, and we can discuss pricing and fees for the group.


Matt and Jared