Paige Edwards

Paige is a therapist intern, currently finishing her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Boise State University. She has been in the mental health field for nearly a decade in residential and wilderness therapy settings, working with individuals of all ages, and supporting the caring professionals. Paige is passionate about helping individuals to find confidence in who they are through deep listening, courage, connection, and acceptance.

Paige works with challenges including low self esteem, body image, depression, anxiety, professional burnout, attachment issues, belonging, sobriety and recovery. Paige believes in a client driven approach, where each individual has the autonomy and freedom to explore what they are called to work through. She respects diversity in culture, ethnicity, values, age, sexuality, identity, race, and ability; understanding that everyone has their own definition of healing and wellness.

Outside of her graduate school work, Paige maintains her other passions including mental health program consulting, facilitating nature based ceremony, building deeper connection with her own community, adventuring, and resting. Paige will be completing her education in August of 2024, in which she will become a Clinical Social Worker.